Our Mission

A regular guy with a vision

Joshua came to Christ when his mother led him to the Lord as a small boy. He had a great love for family and most of all for the Lord. After graduation and secular college he felt that God was leading him to Bible School in Canada. Joshua graduated from Prairie Bible College and traveled to Greece and began serving the Lord in the Thessaloniki, Greece.

“I must get the language!”
Joshua served in a local church working as a youth director and a friend to those he ministered. He felt it was critical to speak and write the language. After two years this was a job he finished. His ministry opened many doors to travel and share the Lord Jesus Christ. His knowledge of the Greek language made Bible Study and communication with the nationals a blessing and one that gave great
fruit in a foreign land.

Joshua David Turpin

The Macedonian Call

In the course of his ministry he felt God was directing him to work in Macedonia, as well. On several trips he was able to minister and establish a future of ministry and service. He felt wherever there are people they need Christ. More than that, they need to know that the Lord Jesus is the only one who can live the Christian Life. His message was simple, “The Christ who died for you, rose again to live His life in and through you.”

“Dad make sure you don’t end up with a lot of stuff and a little ministry”
He was always about changing lives. His job was to help those he served study the Bible, pray, encourage, and teach. His was a faith supported ministry. On a trip to Rome he sat in a cafe with his dad and said, “Dad make sure you don’t end up with a lot of stuff and a little ministry!’ Big ministry is the result of the bigness of God.

God often takes the best home early

Joshua David Turpin took his last step of faith and walked into the
presence of the King of Kings while working on his Master’s Degree at Dallas Theological Seminary, at the age of 32 while on furlough.

“Josh what would you want put on your tombstone…”
At his last Thanksgiving before
his death on Dec. 9th, 2003 Joshua replied to his younger brother’s question, “The workmen die, but the work goes on!”

The work goes on

Today the Joshua David Foundation is actively sharing Christ in honor of Joshua David Turpin’s remarkable life of ministry.